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Having seen slots like Jammin Jars become some of the most played online casino games, thanks to their huge payout potential, if you have played that slot and found it to your liking then be aware there are plenty of additional slots that are also worth getting stuck into playing.

To help you select the ones that are going to give you plenty of winning potential, and plenty of excitement this guide is going to be revealing five similar slots to Jammin Jars that you should track down and concentrate some of your slot playing efforts on.

The five slots that are similar to Jammin Jars are:

  • Gems of the Gods
  • Raccoon Tales
  • Ghost Glyph
  • Alchemy Fortunes
  • Hammer Fall

Those of you who are not yet fully conversant with playing high risk yet high reward slots such as those named above, so consider playing them via the demo mode versions of each game initially, as that way you will not be risking any of your own bankroll whilst you work out whether they are slots you will enjoy playing for real money.

I would also suggest, that when you are good and ready to play for real money that you also do some hunting around and set about comparing what bonuses are worth claiming to help boost the value if your bankroll to give you more ammunition so to speak to play any of those slots that are like Jammin Jars, as the bigger the bankroll you have the more play time you will achieve.

Gems of the Gods

The first slot that is like Jammin Jars is the Gems of the Gods slot game, now you will find it available at any of the many different online casinos that have the range of Push Gaming designed games available, and it is of course aa multi-stake slot that is suitable for low to high stake players.

The way in which you form winning combinations is via its Cluster Pays designed and therefore you will need to have spun into view at least three matching symbols that form a winning cluster, and the bigger the number of reel symbols in each cluster the bigger in value the winning payouts will become.

The bonus game is of course where the big payout potential of which slot can be found and to be fair with some luck in playing it is a bonus game that can trigger frequently, but being a certified fair and random slot, you will need the usual luck in playing to win.

As for whether its long term expected RTP is up there with the best of them, well the RTP of this slot is a decent 96.55%.

Raccoon Tales

With a certified RTP of some 96.20% and a high variance playing structure, another slot that is like Jammin Jars for you to add to your list of online slot machines to check out is the Raccoon Tales slot games.

It has been designed as both an online instant play slot and one that can be accessed and played either for free or for real money on a touchscreen mobile device, and the design studio behind that slot is a firm called Evoplay, so you will of course need to track down a casino site or app that utilizes their range of slots if you fancy giving it a try.

Players report that sometimes it can take an absolute age to trigger the bonus game when playing the Raccoon Tales slot, and with varying outcomes too once the bonus game has been played off, so it is a risky slot but one that many players do very quickly warm to playing, and one that can deliver some mega sized bonus game payouts too.

Ghost Glyph

A large 7×7 grid like playing structure is what will await you if you do decide to give another slot like Jammin Jars some play time today, that being the impressive looking Ghost Glyph slot.

As for just where you are going to find it on offer, well, being a Quickspin designed slot it is fair to say that most online and mobile casinos will have this game on offer and be aware it is of course available as a free to play or real money slot too.

You will need to be aware that it does offer a slightly different payout structure than most other similar slots, in as much as you need to achieve a five of a kind matching symbol cluster to start to achieve the winning payouts.

The bonus game is guaranteed to have you sat on the edge of your chair with anticipation when it triggers and plays out and just so you know the certified long term RTP of the Ghost Glyph slot is a more than reasonable 96.18%.

Alchemy Fortunes

A lot of time and effort has been put into the All41 Studios designed Alchemy Fortune slot, which is another slot machine like Jammin Jars, it is unique in as much as it has been designed with a Rolling Reels type of playing structure, which can help you form multiple winning combinations from a single spin.

The game is another multi-stake slot and when it comes to just how high or low its set of paybacks are, well its RTP is 96.41%.

Hammer Fall

I know a lot of you out there do love playing Play n Go designed slot games, and if you do and are looking for some this is similar to Jammin Jars then feast your eyes over their Hammer Fall slot as you are going to have fun when playing it.

A large 7×7 reel position playing structure is what you will be utilizing when playing that slot and with gripping sound effects and some amazing graphics it is certainly an enveloping slot to play and one that does offer huge payout potential and has been certified as having a long term expected RTP of 96.20%, so do track it down when you can and give it your best shot.

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